Monday, August 31, 2015

Sample Schedule for Smart Dummies

I do not have much done for the event, so I'm going to give you an idea of how I would ideally schedule my time for this event.

A spread is two pages put together (think of it as an open page of a picture book). You might want to think of your story in spreads 12-14 (+2 pages) rather than 24-30 individual drawings. I generally use printer paper (8.5x11 or smaller) for each spread which is far less taxing than using a full sheet of paper for each drawing!

I would suggest setting aside time every day to work on your dummy. I would make it a target to work an hour a day. If you find you only have 30 minutes some days, then use that time to the best of your ability and find extra time later.. This is what my schedule might look like if most tasks took me 1 hour a day. If you finish one task in a day and are ready for another, then feel free to move on. 

Goals for the month:

Day 1: Doodle a lot
Day 2: Create Thumbnails
Day 4: Have character designs for all characters 
Day 13: Finish loose drawings for each of your pages/spreads.
Day 14: Step back (several feet) and analyse your drawings. 
Day 27: Have your finished spreads done.
Day 30: Use your remaining days to polish your finish spreads. Erase stray lines, or trace the drawings so they look clean.

Everyone works at a different pace. For some people this will be too much, and others it will be too little. In reality much of my work will be done on the 5 hours I'm child free on Thursdays. If you get in the habit of working on the hard days, you'll find it easier to keep on task. 

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  1. Thank you for your comment of getting in the habit of working on the hard days, to find it easier to keep on task. Go everybody!