Friday, August 7, 2015

Bumblebee and Butterfly Paper Doll Costumes

My son originally asked for me to make a bumblebee costume. Bumblebee meaning the Transformers Bumblebee. I'm aiming to do my own work, so he "allowed" me to do a bumblebee (insect). He also chose a butterfly for the girl. These costumes are different because you put the wings on first, fold the tabs forwards, then put the rest of the costumes on normally. 

Don't have the Paper Twins? Click here! Need some more clothes for your paper dolls? Click this link! The dolls are 100% free to download, print and use. I only ask that you don't put it on your blog/website without permission.

Edit: I did a small edit on the tabs so that the costumes will fit better with the wings! 

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