Sunday, August 30, 2015

Akemi Ito Shares Her Technique

Quick note before I start: My internet is currently down until 12:30am tonight. Until then I'll have limited access to the internet. I am likely going to have to post the Gesture Post on the Smart Dummies group on Facebook: I will be making a post tomorrow about the event and how to make a shedule for yourself during the event! I'm setting up some posts for the event so things will run smoothly now. Please contact me here or on any of my social media if you need anything before tomorrow and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Akemi Ito is a fantastic Illustrator I met in the Canada West SCBWI. She has a wonderful way with expressive characters and beautiful colors. I asked her on my blog today to share her process with you. I hope that this inspires you, and if you have any questions please ask them in the comments!
The image is done with watercolor, white poster color, sumi calligraphy ink and masking fluid.

1. Draw the background roughly with a blue colored pencil. Apply masking fluid over characters and parts of the background where you want to have some special effects, or different color values.

2. Apply water all over the paper to do Wet on Wet painting. Both sumi ink and watercolor get much lighter in color when it is dry, so keep adding colors to increase values and contrast. 

 3. Wait till it is completely dry to remove masking fluid. Look at the whole image carefully to add more colors and contrasts.( I added more clouds with poster color white by dry brushing)

 4. Finally. color in characters, and do some spattering with white and vermilion red to give a finishing touch.

This is the artist who inspired me a lot on Youtube. I am also taking her online class at the moment.

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