Saturday, August 1, 2015

Smart Dummies - A Picture Book Challenge

Hi Everyone! Picture Book Dummy Month has been changed to Smart Dummies. 

Here is the list of guests (in no particular order). I also listed the prizes I know. There are a couple prizes I haven't listed, because those haven't been determined. There aren't quite 30 guests yet (if you're counting), but I will have at least 30 guests before September! I do not have the badge quite finished yet, but I'll get it up in a few days.  

Ready to sign up for the Challenge? Go here:


Ed Shems
Rubin Pingk
Mira Reisberg
Nicky Johnston
Dani Jones
Mary Reaves Uhles
Alison Hertz
Patricia Pinsk
Cyndi Marko
Matthew Winner
Stephen Maquignon
Lauren Eldridge
Stephanie Ruble
Russ Cox
Lisa Cinar
Jami Gigot
Traci Van Wagoner
Joel Cook
Diandra Mae
Ryan Sias
Andi Butler
Anna Todaro
Ovi Nedelcu
Tara Lazar
Neesha Hudson
Maple Lam
Nina Crittenden
Sue Frye


Photoshop Course - Mira Reisberg
Portfolio Review - Mary Reaves Uhles
Book by Nina Crittenden
Two Girls Want a Puppy - Maple Lam
Two art postcards - Stephen Maquignon
Book(s) - Renee Kurilla
The Mermaid’s Gift - Tracy Van Wagoner 
Dummy Critique - Lauren Eldridge

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