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My display at a craft show last year.
Last October I had never heard of VCON. I had done a ton of artwork and some stuffies and tried to do some craft shows and swap meets. I sold almost nothing at any of these events. I was pretty discouraged when Rose Wilson came across my table (I believe I was set up at Herbert Spencer). It sounded like a good idea. I mean I pay for set up, set up my stuff and just leave everything for someone else to manage throughout the show. What's not to love? I quickly wrote down the web address and thanked her for her time. Unfortunately, I didn't write it down correctly and had a hard time finding it later. This lead to a mad rush to get my artwork done when I found the information in August.

My son had my phone and took a photo
 as I was rushing to hang my work!
I am so glad I did participate in this event. It was hard getting a large amount of artwork done in a month in a half. Of course I had a lot of the work done. A lot of the paper was laid out already and a lot of my work for this show was from old drawings. This is not to say that I didn't do a lot of work for the show, but I was glad I didn't have to do everything from scratch!

It wasn't enough that I set up my things at VCON, but I also wanted to enjoy the show. I was able to earn ticket for Saturday by doing some volunteer work. I also got a book as a reward for helping out!

Display at the front of the art gallery.
Unfortunately Peter worked the weekend and didn't get to come and have fun with David and I at VCON (other than to view the Art Show). As a family we did look around Friday night. There was a lot to look at that didn't require a membership. We got cookies in the gallery and some appetizers upstairs where they were doing the Book Launch Party. All the displays along the way were a lot of fun to look at. David got Hulk mask at one of the tables. He was more than pleased with this! 

Unexpectedly my Mother In Law took David Saturday (after a trip to the gallery) so I could have fun at VCON on my own. Of course I went right to the Writing Sessions here. I attended Perspectives on Self-Publishing and Hybrid PublishingBennett Coles • Linda Demeulemeester • Jane Ann McLachlan • Katrina Archer • Kristene Perron Afterward I went to get my badge printed. I didn't think there was another session at the time. I looked back through my phone and decided on: Doctor Your Story with Randy McCharles. I admit, I had a headache all day and it took me 15 minutes into the event to realize that this was about editing stories. I'm so glad I attended because I learned so much! 

I started feeling ill after attending just the two writing events so I missed a lot of events. I stayed home a couple of hours, and returned around 7 to see the art show and the costume contest.

Saturday evening we took pictures at the Police Box. David and I weren't quite coordinated enough to pull it off. The ones with Grandma were better, but I forgot to ask her permission to post them here!

My In-Laws met David and I at the show on Saturday night. My Father-In-Law missed the Gallery Friday, so we had fun going back through the art show. I discovered right away that one of my prints had sold. I think the lady that talked to me while setting up bought this print. So thank you so much for buying my work! I also found out that day that none of my work won any awards. Don't cry for me, though! The judges didn't think I fit into any of the categories, but wanted to give me something for all my work. Rose presented me with a lovely sketch book from them! I was so touched.

After this my In-Laws went home and I went with David to see the Costume Contest. We had a lot of fun watching everyone. David got a picture with the Transformer Ratchet, but I forgot to ask permission to post the photos here! We didn't get to stay to see the winners, but we did get to see most of the great costumes. Head over to their facebook page here to see the winners.

I took pictures of individual pictures of my artwork early in the event, but it wasn't until the end (Sunday) that I photoed the whole display. This was a mistake, because I had David with me and had to rush too much taking these photos. Don't worry though. I will be posting all of these on my blog in the coming weeks. I just haven't had time to get everything in order yet. I am really glad I attended this event.

Next year I will do a few things differently. I will try to get a lot of my hours in for the show in before hand. I'm also tempted to work on some sci-fi artwork for next year (and no I wont wait until the last couple of months). Next year's theme is Time Travel, so I'm stoked. I can't wait to attend.

I'm going to leave you with this image. This piece went at auction, so I no longer have the original. I hope the person who bought it loves it as much as I do. I still have prints so if you are interested please let me know. My etsy shop is down, but I hope to get it working again soon!

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