Sunday, October 26, 2014

May the Picture Book Idea Getting Commence!

My blogging this month has taken a turn for the worst. I need to turn this around, so I'm going to take some time and work out an action plan. I've already started by asking new people to be my interview guinea pigs. I've gotten a good response. I also want to try out some new things with my blog and start posting more artwork. I'll share what I have together Wednesday.

Enough about me. This post is about YOU and your children's book ideas. You don't have enough. No person could ever have enough! Whether you are an artist or illustrator you'll learn a lot by joining Picture Book Idea Month. Even if you write for older children I challenge you to take part in PiBoIdMo! I got over 30 ideas last year, and several of them will work better for older readers. It doesn't take much time every day. Don't think, just do. If you miss a day you can catch up. Join me and a kajillion other people.

No Excuses!

No Complaints!

No Backing Down!


  1. I just signed up yesterday! See you at PiBoIdMo, Dani!