Thursday, May 30, 2013

Victoria Fry

The last few days I've been working on and talking about writing prompts. Joy Corcoran even suggested that I do morning pages to help me get my writing for the day done. As though she were reading my mind (or my blog) Victoria Fry talked about morning pages on her blog this week. You can view the post here: I love it when things come together so beautifully, and hopefully I can make this wonderful twist-of-fate-blog-review magical.

The name of Victoria's blog "Something Delicious" is the perfect name for this blog. Victoria's blog is indeed a scrumptious read! The best part of Victoria's blog is her wonderful personality. Victoria's enthusiasm for her blog and life shines brightly in all corners of this blog. I challenge you to read this blog and not smile. It can't be done!

I love that Victoria can talk about anything on her blog and it all seems to work no matter the subject. I recently had a conversation about this with another blogger. It can be really difficult to incorporate several different aspects into your blog!

Though she can talk about anything, Victoria is very focused on her writing. Though she talks about everything on her blog one can tell her blog is about writing. She doesn't even have to be talking about writing for her readers to know her love for writing. I don't know how she does it, but I'm loving her blog.

As I said, the best part of Victoria's blog is her personality. Part of that is how she sees the world. Victoria is very insightful in her articles about writing (and other things as well). She has a way of putting things that's very profound and sometimes I read what she says twice so that I can let the words sink in.

It really is no wonder that Victoria is a writing coach. I didn't say that before? Well it's true: I have not personally taken any of her coaching sessions, but I am bookmarking this page for a future time (when I am more focused on writing). With her personality and writing skill who wouldn't want to sit down with her and be coached? When visiting her webpage you can also get a peak at some of the great articles she has written!

Sorry everyone, my mind is turning to mush. So it's time to say goodbye to my review of Victoria's blog. It's not at all an end, but a little introduction to Victoria. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have this week. I also hope you will join me again tomorrow. I'm not sure what I'm going to post... be it a drawing or a short work of fiction, but it will be something!

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  1. I was just on Victoria's blog the other day- it is very nice and helpful!