Thursday, May 9, 2013

Catherine A. Winn - Writer to Follow

As a writer Catherine A. Winn's writes mysteries, thrillers and suspense novels for Middle Grades – Adults. Her blog is inviting and a good read. If you want inspiration, information, or just want to read an enjoyable blog you should visit Catherine A. Winn's blog:

Catherine received the Versitile blogger award from another blogger. It's no wonder because she does easily go from one subject to another. I love it when Cathrine writes about simple things like the time of year or chili. It is in these post where her personality and passion are revealed. Anyone can write about their lives, but it takes something to make chili interesting!

It is fun to read about Catherine's writing journey. It's nice to see that everyone has the same ups and downs in their writing life. The photos she adds to these (and other posts) add a lot to her writing. It's not often that writers add a lot of photos to their work, and it is a refreshing change to see a lot of pictures in a writer's blog. It also helps that the pictures are really good ( I loved the picture of the dog for Friday, April 12. He was cute and depicted exhaustion perfectly). You wont get bored with this blog even if you just look at the picture, but please do more than just look at the pictures!

There is a good amount of writer's information on this blog. There are interviews with interesting writers. Catherine has lots of writing tips and she gives her thoughts on things important to writers. I enjoyed the videos she has on her site (and would like to see more like them.) Catherine has a very inspirational site and you would be missing out if you didn't explore her blog!

Once again Catherine A. Winn's blog is here: Is is just too dorky to say that her blog is really “Winn” like so many blogs I've reviewed? I think I've been under my husband's humour influence for far too long. Check back next week for a review of Andrea Brame's Blog!

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