Thursday, May 23, 2013

Andrea Brame

Self proclaimed "Creative Geek", Andrea Brame writes the blog that I'm reviewing this week. I could say that Andrea is a Writer and be done with it, but I believe calling her a Creative would be far more accurate. True, her blog is too new to say the extent of her creativity, but no one could visit this blog and doubt that Andrea is a true Creative. You can see her blog here:

From the moment I read Andrea's blog post "I'd Make a Terrible Frontier Wife" I felt an instant kinship. I too am needlepointedly challenged (that's a thing, right?). Despite this problem we have fought and now both have blogs. I also love that her blog has a little bit of everything (which is another thing that I try to do). Also, I just found out that this is her third blog... and this is my third art blog, so that's not a sign at all...

It's easy to see why Andrea decided to become a writer. She is a natural storyteller which is evident in her blog posts. Andrea has a little (wonderful) story for many of her blog posts. These stories are autobiographical, whimsical and fun to read. Her fiction is just as whimsical and leads me to want to read more of her writing.

Andrea's blog has many videos (both musical and informational) and pictures that are just plain inspirational. I loved her list of online creativity tools and will be checking some of them out. It was also fun reading through her list of creative endeavors (see "Creative Daydreaming post). I think I need to come up with a list of these myself!

I love that Andrea has listed her in progress works! Believe me, anytime someone puts up a list like that it should be celebrated. Her list is an online list of what she hopes to achieve, and displaying something that personal is very difficult (especially when there are outside people who can read this list). I also want to point out that she has some fun easter eggs on her blog. I got a kick out of clicking these links and seeing all the fun places they took me!

I hope you enjoyed my review of Andrea's site. I know that I've not been posting as much lately, but I plan on changing that!  I will be posting another review next week so stay tuned!

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