Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dani's Updates and Picture Book Dummy Month

I've spent most of my time setting up Picture Book Dummy Month. So far I've gained 7-8 (one person isn't sure) people wanting to do posts and 3 prizes! It's been quite the process so far, and it's just going to get crazier. Bring on the crazy! I'm excited for this new event.

Between the heat and my son being sick I've been a bit behind. I have to finish sending out emails tonight or tomorrow. I've gotten nothing but positive responses for this event. The few that declined said they may be guests next year.

For anyone interested I'm going to be talking on my friend Patricia Pinsk's blog about the process (likely next month). Her website is here: it's a fantastic resource. Patricia will be talking about Website Design as a part of Picture Book Dummy Month!

Apparently every book in the library. We brought home so many books today!

I haven't got a clue what I'll do for the Paper Twins dolls this week. I'll draw something up tonight and get it digitized for Friday. I don't want to let the paper dolls fall to the wayside while planning this event. I also have a portrait and a dummy to finish up.

Every Day Possible
Working on Picture Book Dummy Month.

Wed 07/08 Write Dani's Updates...done! Finishing writing all the emails.

Thursday 07/09 - Sending out all of the Picture Book Dummy emails.

Friday 07/10 - Posting new paper doll clothing. There will be a bear and a monkey as deemed by my 4 yearr old.

Saturday 07/11 - Getting all the "Z"s

Sunday  07/12 - Hoping my son will be well today.

Monday  07/13- Zombie mommy will strike again. 

Tuesday  07/14 - Filling in my ears with permanent ear plugs.

Wednesday  07/15 - Update Day!

I killed them weeds in my garden. It was like BOOM!


Child Minding 
He's been so sick this week. The screaming. Oh, god, the screaming!

I had an ect. once. I remember it being nice.

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