Wednesday, July 29, 2015


This week I officially announced that I am pregnant. I'm due December 17th. Many of you have seen the announcement on Facebook. This Horror Movie poster was created by my friend Amanda Hughes-Smolyn. I found out fairly early this year that I am pregnant. It has also been the reason why I haven't been as active this year. I have been so exhausted! Even in my second trimester I'm still tired, but I'm doing my best.

A change has been made for Picture Book Dummy Month in the past week. Picture Book Dummy Month will have a name change soon. I have had too many people being confused between this event and Picture Book Idea Month. It's not worth the confusion! There are still a few days left to let me know what you think on this: or you can leave a comment below.

On Saturday, August 1st Picture Book Dummy Month will have a new name. This is the day I be releasing the names of all the people who will be helping out with the Dummy Challenge. I will also be listing some of the prizes. If all goes well I'll have the sign up page up along with the badge for your blogs!

All the picture books. David has one more week of reading before he can get his medal for the library reading program. I'll admit I'm exhausted. He usually wants me to read at least three stories at night... sometimes he gets more. 

I'm hoping to finish up the portrait I'm painting this week. I would like to have the blog/website badge ready for Saturday. I also need to work on the Paper Twin's clothing.
Every Day Possible
Working on Picture Book Dummy Month (soon to be renamed)!
Dummy Month Facebook Badge - In Progress

Wed 07/28 Write Dani's Updates...done! 

Thursday 07/30 - Working on a portrait for a friend, finishing up dummy month badge and getting the Paper Twins some new clothes.

Friday 07/31 - New paper doll clothing will be posted. Not sure what yet! Finding out the sex of the baby.

Saturday 08/01 - Announcing the people involved with the Dummy Challenge & sign ups start! Having a party to let my friends know the sex of the baby.

Sunday  08/02 - Sleeping for a week.

Monday  08/03 - I think my brain will melt today.

Tuesday  08/04 - Finishing up the library reading event for the summer. We'll keep reading, but he'll get his medal for being so good!

Wednesday  08/05 - Update Day!

Getting so many positive responses from the people I've emailed about Picture Book Dummy Month.


Child Minding 
He knows I'm pregnant and is doing all the bad things. 
Anyone giving out naps?


  1. Congrats and best wishes, Dani! Love the poster, too!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! That about says it. This is a HAPPY thing.