Saturday, October 6, 2012

Palacio Illustration

William Palacio is a whimsically hilarious person and this shows in his artwork. I venture to say that if you look at his blog and don't at least chuckle a couple of times after browsing his work either you have no sense of humour, or you are blind.

It's true that Palacio doesn't have a lot of words accompanying his pictures, but he doesn't need them. His artwork says everything. I'm sure I could learn a thing or two from him about being more concise with my posts, and I wish that I had as much humour and story in my drawings. I'm putting these on my invisible list of goals as we speak! One of my favoute drawings of his is this one:  I do have a son with a big personality so this may very much be my future.

The other great thing about William Palacio is that he has some great video tutorials on YouTube. I think it's great that these are in Corel Painter, because it seems that Painter has a bit more of a learning curve than Adobe Photoshop. This could just be me, though, because I've started in Photoshop and have recently purchased Painter. In any case please check out his videos here:  Keep checking out his blog, Facebook and this link for more updates.

I think we'll all be hearing more about William Palacio in the future. I'm looking forward to seeing his work in many picture books and hopefully other places as well. The world needs more humour. It is a wonderful thing that Palacio shares his humour with children.

Looking forward to a future that makes kids smile,


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