Wednesday, October 10, 2012


So this week hasn't gone how I had planned. (They never really do listen to me. I'm going to have to have a serious talk with Sunday-Friday. Saturday is okay, though.) I will have paper doll clothes up tomorrow, but I'm not sure how much artwork I'll have ready for Thursday.

Today I'm not feeling like posting a website that has tutorials or even anything that is serious. The website I will tell you about is Eyezmaze: What do flash games have to do with Children's Illustration? I guess one could say nothing, but there is a reason why I'm bringing up this site. I absolutely love the creature drawings used for these Flash games. I would love to see these creatures put in a book, or even given their own TV show.  The games themselves are fun and original. While flash games may not be the best way for kids to pass the time, these games are kid friendly. It's a very addicting website as well.

Even if you aren't into Flash games this site is worth checking out. There is a gallery of images that's worth pursuing and that in of itself is worth a look. I would love to see the creator have enough money to make lots of games, and maybe even do lots more artwork perhaps as a children's illustrator. May never happen, but I can dream!

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