Sunday, October 7, 2012

Paper Dolls! (Finally)

Finally I have paper dolls to show you! Unfortunately I don`t have any clothing for these dolls tonight. Most of them are all ready to go, but they just need to be inked. I underestimated all the work that I would need to go through just to turn my drawings into working paper dolls. I`m hoping to get the clothing I have created inked and ready for you to print out tomorrow night, or Monday morning at the latest. I am definitely going to make more clothing for these dolls, however I may decide to create new dolls in the future that may or may not be related to these.


Click on image and save to your computer.

Print on card stock or other heavyweight material. Apply coating as directed below.

If no heavy weight material is available then print on paper. Colour dolls and paste onto cardboard. Rubber Cement or Elmers Glue works fine for this. Use glue sparingly and apply a thin coat to cardboard (fingers or popsicle sticks work good for application). Allow to dry completely before cutting (at least a few hours or overnight is best). A coating of Acrylic Medium, Clear Nail Polish or Liquid Puzzle Saver can be to protect your coloured work. Test coating (best time to do this is while the glue is drying) before using it directly on your paper dolls. If you have any questions about assembling your paper dolls please let me know in the comments!

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