Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What Progress? April 25th

I'm now officially over being sick. Not completely, but most of the icky is gone. Toddler has something now. Maybe it's just teething, or maybe it's a cold. Either way there is a lot of screaming! I did not have this post scheduled for today, but this Friday's interview is already set up.

What I'm Creating

I got started working on a kitty story of mine again. Worked on it last night. I've sent several character drawings to my critique group. I got a new idea for Kitty's look (after showing my work). So now I have a lot more work to do! 


I think I'm up having 8 people lined up for interviews. I still have a lot more searching to do. I may not get 20 by the end of the month, but I'm fairly confident I'll be able to have interviews continuously. If you want to be interviewed please let me know: will tell you more of what I'm looking for.

April 28th - Send out more work for potential jobs.

April 30th - Try to get at least 20 people lined up for interviews (and hopefully have questions sent out). 

May 5th - Have drafts for all the new/changed pages of my dummy "finished".

May 19th - Have reasonably good pencil drafts for my dummy.

May 30th - Have kitty dummy finals finalized.

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