Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday Coffee

I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning and rearranging my art studio. It's not finished yet (but I survived the webs and spiders that were hidden under canvases so far. I might actually be able to post pictures when I'm finished!

I'm posting today because I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm going to do an interview series on my blog and I need you to help me keep this going. I have 6 people who have agreed to do interviews, but that won't last long.


Interview posts run on Fridays. 

- These interviews are for kidlit people only.  Board Books - YA. Graphic novels for a younger audience is okay. 

- Anyone being interviewed must have web presence. Something beyond a basic web page and may include non-private social media pages.  

- People with professional experience will be given priority. Teachers, Graphic Designers, Fine Artists, Librarians and even Parents could have an insight others might not. Having a book/art to sell helps!

- Unless a specific date is needed posts will run in the order I receive the completed interview.

- If you know someone who should be interviewed please have them contact me. I may not contact them otherwise as I have a lot of people I could ask to interview!

Send me a message if you are interested! You can email me directly with If you don't hear back from me in a week feel free to message me on any social media. 

Here are some old interviews for you to check out:

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