Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday Coffee -- Art vs. Plants

Admit it: You wouldn't know these were plants
if they weren't so clearly marked.
I've been busy lately getting my garden in order. This is the first year that I've attempted to do some indoor growing before the growing season gets underway. Right now it's raining so I'm not going to be doing anything outside. Since it's so rainy the pictures are a bit dull. I added in some drawings to make them a bit more lively.

I made these little planters out of old egg cartons. I cut off the lids and put them on the bottom of the cartons. I probably didn't have to put the foil around the bottoms (but this isn't my place and I'm afraid of big messes especially on the wooden storage shelves). I'll see how things go this year and maybe I'll skip that step next year. The nice thing about these is the egg cartons soak up some of the water so it's hard to accidently overwater and the dirt stays moist longer. I used potting soil and old pots for the bigger plants. In the past I've bought plants for my garden. planting my own seeds made a lot of difference!

Soaking up the sun in my kitchen.

In the next couple of weeks I'll be getting some new dirt in my garden. This will be my fourth year having a garden, yay! Last year was the first year that I had a decent garden. I started with seeds which made a difference. Also I think the soil was bad in the garden and it took a few years of adding soil to it to make it a strong garden. I did my research last year as well. Instead of just throwing the plants in the soil I actually looked something up. It wasn't that I knew nothing, but instead of just listening to advice from others I worked at learning things for myself.
Hoping somehow the sunflowers will survive this year.
We seem to have some animal life that like to kill sunflowers!
I was going to have a lovely story relating plants to art, but  I feel like I've already said so much in this post. Maybe next Monday. My plants should be a bit bigger then too.

Honestly, until I started with an outside garden I had trouble keeping my indoor plants alive. Last year it was even easier and I think it's because I started from seed. I was able to see wonderful results in my garden because of this.

Do you have a garden this year? If so what did you plant?
An example of how my garden looked last year. Last year
the bowling pins didn't grow quite so well. 

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