Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What Progress?

Somehow I'm making writing blog posts on my phone a habit! I'm sick this week with a cold that the whole family caught. I'm hoping to be spared the horrible headaches and nausea if nothing else (fun fact: runny noses can cause nausea!

What I'm Creating

I'm working on getting people together to do a continual series of interviews on my blog! If you are interested please let me know. You do not have to be traditionally published but you should have a web presence! It doesn't help you to be interviewed if people can't find any information about you after!


I'm actually doing okay sending out work. I've sent out work to 6 publishers online. My goal is to send out at least 4 more by the end of the week. I will probably take a pause after this. I don't mind rejection, but if I get a lot I want to give myself a chance to make changes to my approach. I hate the idea of making the same mistake over and over. Also if my materials aren't right I want to be able to change them before everyone sees them.

I'm going to leave the artwork as a blank for now. I'm thinking of multiple things I'd like to do but mostly I'd like to fix up at least one of my dummies to send out. I'm working on preliminary drawings and will see where it goes before I settle on a schedule. I may start a new dummy as well, so once I figure things out I can get started!

April 20th - Send out work to at least 4 more publishers online. Have questions sent out for the 6 people who have already agreed to interviews!

April 28th - Figure out my next goals for illustration/writing. 

April 30th - Try to get at least 20 people lined up for interviews (and hopefully have questions sent out). 

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