Friday, May 29, 2015

Interview With Mike Revell

I have Mike Revell on my blog today. Mike fell in love with the magic of books when he read the "Harry Potter" series. It is his goal to create the same kind of magic in his books, so that more people will become readers. How can you not love a person who wants to create more readers? You can't! Love Mike, his interview and his books. Not because I say so, but because he's great.
Mike's first book, "Stonebird' is published by Quercus. You can pick up his book on Amazon here. Want to know more about Mike? Check out his website:


Dani: Why gargoyles?

Mike: I've always been fascinated by gargoyles. It started with the cartoon, which was one of the shows I enjoyed most as a kid, where these great stone monsters came alive at night under the glow of the moon. Ever since then, I noticed them when I walked past castles and churches, or high up above the streets of Cambridge. They're supposed to protect buildings from evil spirits, but Stonebird came about because I wanted to find out what would happen if they could protect people too.

Dani: What kind of magic would you like to have in real life?

Mike: Since Harry Potter is what got me reading, I'd have to say I'd like that kind of magic: the sort that would get me into Hogwarts. Maybe one day, eh? If not that, then my top magic power would definitely be the ability to turn invisible!

Dani: Finish the following thoughts:

I like...

Finding new ways to tell old stories. One of my favourite books is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. It's such a simple twist on the old Kipling classic, but so effective. The idea of twisting stories like this, playing with myths and fables and looking at them from a different angle, is a really appealing one.

Other than writing...
I spend most of my time obsessing over American football. I've been a huge fan of the NFL for almost fifteen years, and have met some great people through playing the game in the UK.

Tomorrow I want...

the sun to come out for long enough that I can sit in the park and read without getting drenched.

Dani: What's special about your work?

Mike: That's a good question, and one that perhaps I'm not overly well suited to answering! I suppose every author's work has something special about it, though, because every story is unique and no one else can tell a story in exactly the same way. What makes my writing unique is that I write for me when I was 11 years old. I was a very reluctant reader then, and I know what put me off, and I know what made me stop and think about picking up a book. If I can make my 11-year-old self like the story I'm trying to tell, I should be onto something...

Dani: What is your ultimate goal in life?

Mike: To recreate the magic spark that changed me from a reluctant reader to a devourer of books when I was a kid. If I can do that for other people, if I can turn reluctant readers into eager readers, I'll be a very happy chap.

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