Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What's Up Wednesday! April 1st - The Last What's Up!

So today I announce that I'm quitting picture book creation, shutting down my blog and becoming a street performer. It's really the only thing that I can go into that's going to make me any money. I'm not a great singer, but I have a profound knowledge of the world around me and boundless enthusiasm. I will be on Vine every day documenting my newfound career.

It's not like anyone reads my blog anyway. What's Up Wednesday was officially canceled by Jaime Morrow Last week. It is time for me to go as well! Please, no tears for me!

 Interview Schedule:
This was my interview schedule, but that's done now.
April 3rd - Marla Lesage
April 10th - Sue Irwin

I've worked something out with the local drama group. I direct them, and they will act out every story I ever want to read. I will literally never have to read again.

The only thing I'm writing now is song lyrics. Enjoy this taste of my musical WIP:

Pour your weight into your right foot.
Lift left foot and move it forward
Lit left foot.
Raise right hand to chest
Raise left hand to the North East
Move hand inward

I don't want to say anymore online. My first performance will say it all. 

Every Day Possible
Singing this new song that I wrote.

Wed 03/18 Writing my last What's Up Wednesday! Post. Done! 

Thursday 03/19-  Finishing my song and preparing to sing.

Friday 03/20- Living in silence so I can mentally prepare my voice.

Saturday 03/21- Living in silence  and standing on one foot while I physically prepare my body for the unorthodox dance moves I will be doing while I sing.

Sunday  03/22 - Singing in the highest pitches possible to increase my range.

Monday  03/23- Singing in the lowest pitches possible to decrease my range.

Tuesday  03/24 - Experimenting with chocolate

Wednesday  03/25 - Experimenting with drug shaped candy.

Do, Re, Me, but not Fa, So, La & Ti


Toddler Minding 
Crafting my kid a cardboard house so he can come on the road with me.

I think my song may be notes from the Tai Chi class I took. It's funny how we can be a poet all our lives and never know it!

Dan Burke, This Bud's for you!

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  1. Quitting pictures books. Now this MUST be an April Fool's post. At least I sure hope it is.

  2. I had to read this a second time because it is so funny :-)

  3. Ha, Ha, thanks Linda! It is a joke and I glad you liked it!

  4. LOL!!! Love it, Dani! And did you hear? Disney picked up my manuscript and wants to turn it into an animated series! Quitting my day job today. :)