Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What's Up Wednesday! - I'm Still Alive

I didn't plan to get sick (no one does), but it happened anyway. I think I had just finished a cold the last time I posted, and I got another one right after. I was really ill right up until December 24th (slept all day) and was feeling ok on the 25th (thank goodness!). How was everyone's Christmas? We had a great one here!

I am feeling better now, but still have quite the cold. I missed the December 19th interview. I have several other interviews planned, but have to go through my email later to figure out the order!

Interview Schedule:
January 2nd - Bobbie Dacus
January 9th - Julie Murphy

Anthology stories! 

I finally squeezed in writing my story for the Anything Goes Anthology. I think there is a couple more months of work on that. I'll let you know more about this later!

The free Monster Chores coloring book is coming out soon! I'll make a post for this once it's released. Jennyann has a couple more things to do before it's officially released. 

I have a TON of things I'm planning this year. I will make a post about this by Monday (or if it's several posts I'll start them by Monday). I'm hoping this will be the best year ever for both me and my blog!

Every Day Possible
2015 Planning and dummy work.

Wed 12/31 
What's Up Wednesday Post. Done! Happy New Years Eve!

Thursday 01/01-  Planning for 2015 (Especially David's Birthday Party).

Friday 12/02- Interview with Bobby Darcus! Working on some dummy work.

Saturday 12/03- Dummy work and unicorn poo. (I got sick so I'm behind!)

Sunday 12/04- Coughing all day.

Monday 12/05- Finding that lung I lost. 

Tuesday 12/06 - Dreaming about hiring a maid and personal cook.

Wednesday 12/07 - What's Up Wednesday! David's Birthday!

Resting as much as possible.


Toddler Minding 
I'm sick, so he's sick. He did all the bad things today!

Coughing, but not dying!

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