Sunday, May 6, 2012

Portfolio in the Past and Present

     After attending SCBWI and getting a portfolio review I have decided to post some of my Illustration Goals. Many of these I had already, and a few of these are the result of attending the conference. I'm going to start first by posting a bit about my past and then another post to list things I'm going to focus on now.

     I feel like my portfolio review was surprisingly a pleasant experience. I know a thing or two about poor portfolio review experiences. The first one was when I entered University and attempted to transfer into a Computer Animation department. There was a large miscommunication between myself and the reviewer, which in turn got me rejected from the program (this was no fault of the instructor). I was also inexperienced in organizing my portfolio and didn't realize I had surpassed the amount of images I could show. In any case the miscommunication that happened made me more nervous. I was able to overturn the rejection before my classes started, but I suffered a large blow to my confidence.

    My portfolio has shaped up a lot since then. My portfolio still needed (and needs) a lot of work, but it was to the place where I wouldn't die in a horrible fit of embarrassment showing it to anyone. Brian was fair judging my portfolio and gave me suggestions on what to leave out and where I should go now. I will now work on my portfolio with a new confidence, and will give consideration to all of his suggestions as I work.

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