Saturday, May 5, 2012

SCBWI: There I Went

      I'll have to say that I quite enjoyed my first conference. The Society of Children's Writer's and Illustrators have a nice conference here in the Canadian West. All of the speakers were friendly, knowledgeable and approachable.

  The day started with an Illustration Workshop. We had a small group of illustrators attend. On one hand I would have loved to see more people, but then again it gave us more time to ask questions and talk about our own artwork a bit. Brian Denies was the speaker at this workshop. His illustrations if you haven't seen them are breathtaking ( to read more about him). He is also quite the accomplished artist. I enjoyed hearing about his process and the knowledge he had about the illustration field. There were two writing information sessions that went on during this time, but I didn't feel like I was missing out (I did feel bad for the non-illustration type, they missed out on a good time in the art room). It was lovely having lunch with him and a few other illustrators from our group.

   The other speakers that I got to see were Tiffany Stone, Kallie George, and Danika Dinsmore. Tiffany has lively poetry and a website to match ( I had a lot of fun listening to her poems and what she had to say about poetry. Kallie ( ) is the editor at Simply Read books, so she was able to give everyone a behinds the scenes look at what goes on in the editing world. She was lively and funny. I would love to read her mermaid book. Danika Dinsmore ( was a surprise (to me) but welcome addition to the speakers. She talked about the Bologna Children's Book Fair and the adventures she had there. It was the end of the day and I was tired, but she kept my attention the whole time (woke me up for sure)! Great speakers all around.

    I do hope I can attend this conference again. The only change I would make for next year is to take more advantage of the resources this conference has to offer. I didn't get to attend Lois Peterson's or Shelley Hrdlitschka's talks, but I did like them on panel.  I was impressed by the shear amount of information I got in one short day! Though they may never see this, I do thank all the speakers and people who made this conference possible.

     I don't want to overburden an already overly-large post, but I do want to talk about my portfolio review and my direction for the future. I will do this in my next post. For now I leave you with a new illustration.


  1. Good for you! First step on a long road--make friends. Learn. Have fun.

  2. That's a great picture! I'm so glad you had a fun time with your first conference. I'm going to my first in a couple weeks, and I'm getting so nervous about it! Hearing that you had fun makes me feel a bit better. :)

  3. Always having fun, Lisha!

    Don't be nervous, Katrina. The people you will meet there are just regular people, not some god-like people with super powers! I didn't know anyone there when I went, but I had fun. I talked to a few people. I wish I could have spoken to everyone longer.