Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spirit of Portfolio Future (or My Illustration Goals)

Now that I know that my portfolio shouldn't be burned (ha ha ha) it should be safe to work on (though I won't put it somewhere where it can even read the words "open flame"). My portfolio still has a lot of dents that need to be ironed, and wrinkles that need to be cut.

My list of I wills: 

1. I will say a sorrowful goodbye to my digital and mature art. I will still be keeping copies of these, but there aren't enough of them to create portfolios of their own. I don't want to focus on either one of these right now, so they will go behind the happy little bush until I decide to work on them again.

2. I will be working in watercolours and inks for the time being. If I do anything digitally it will be to enhance these. I recently finished a piece of art that I want to reflect in future illustrations. I finished this the day before I went to the conference: 

This was scanned from a print I had made. There is a little missing from either side. The original is 11x17.

3. I will go through my collection of cool sketches and ideas and develop the promising ones to sparkly splendour. The sparkly splendour is self-explanatory

4. I will work on a list of potential publishers. I'm planing on buying a shiny version of the Children's Writer and Illustrator Market when I get the chance (non-shiny is the old version). 

5. I will work to make more connections in the industry. Some of this will be obtained by blogging. Getting to know more writers/illustrators/editors including those who want to be any of these. I also plan to join SCBWI as soon as I have the means to do so.

6. I will start working on writing more along with drawing. I can write well, but I don't spend a lot of time writing. My skill isn't as sharp as it was. I'm hoping to start writing more picture book stories and possibly confront my nemesis the poem. This should also help me make spiffier blog posts. 

7. I will start submitting my work to be published. I haven't submitted anything as of Today. I'm 0 for 0 right now, and I'm hoping to change my average (even if it drops into the negative). I may even frame my first rejection letter!

8. I will update my physical portfolio and the studio where I work. I do need a better (and less cluttered) area to do my artwork. I need to buy a smaller portfolio in order to present to Art Directors. I also need a few art supplies (which will always be the story of my life).

9. I will figure out more things to add to this list. I'm out of ideas, so it's goodbye for today!


  1. Well hullo, Dani!
    Nice to meet you!
    I wandered over here from the blueboards :) I've done a little illustrating myself, though I've been writing more these last few years.
    Best of luck with your new portfolio!