Friday, August 31, 2018

Smart Dummies Art and more!

Don't forget to sign up for Smart Dummies challenge:


Viviane Elbee will be giving away an 8x10" poster with her post!

Sharing Art

I know I just mentioned this yesterday but things have changed a little bit. You can still submit your work to me at for the Friday Share Posts. But
Adriane pointed out that it may be easier to just leave your art in the Facebook group so here's the post to do that.  You can join the group here:
You can share old work, and I would suggest to not share your current dummy work on my blog.

This is how I've planned the sharing weeks, but it may change depending on participation.

Week 1: Doodles/Basic Character Designs

Week 2:
Thumbnails/Characters in Motion/Emotions

Week 3:
Drafts for Final Images (can be loose drawings)

Week 4: Final Images


If you'd like me to share your Instagram posts the easiest way is to tag #smartdumieschallenge you can also let me know you want me to share your Instagram Posts in the comments below!

I will share some of your illustration posts here: 

You get credit for your post in the text and a link back to your Instagram page. You can also ask me to take down your work at any time! 

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