Thursday, August 30, 2018

Getting ready for Smart Dummies!

A few things before we start Smart Dummies in a couple days:


Two new prizes have been added to Smart Dummies!

Marla Lesage: A Portfolio Critique OR Dummy Critique!

Sarah LuAnn Perkins 8x10" print from her print shop!

Yay for prizes!


I'd love you to send me some of your Artwork (not related to this event) to so I can feature it on the blog. 

I also feature artwork regularly on Instagram here: If you are on Instagram and want me to regularly share your work, please let me know!

Critique Group for Everyone

This year there will be an big open critique group where you can share your work! You must be a part of the Smart Dummies Facebook group to join:

Individual Critique Groups

I'm closing critique groups at 11:59 on August 31st. I may start putting people into critique groups sooner. If you want to join a critique group please go here:


This is for those of you working on laying out your substrates for Smart Dummies. Layout information is on pages 20-21 of your Smart Dummies Workbook Planner. Don't have the book? Download it here: Visit to find the download! The booklet to the left is for printing and assembling at home and the one on the right is a version you can read on your computer. 

Layout is generally done in pencil. You want your image to go out to the edges of the bleeds, so you want your image to start 1.75" from the edge of your paper. The center of the book is called the gutter. This generally cuts off 1/2" out of the middle of your image. Keep images at least 1/2"-1" away from the gutter!

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