Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What Progress? The "Is it Summer?" Post

I am so tired. Is it summer yet? Please tell me that tomorrow is June 28th and school is over for the year. It doesn't have to be true, except it does.

I haven't been able to use the computer much recently. I've had a recent bout of eye strain. I'm hoping that it will get better soon and I can get back to work. 

What I'm Creating:

I've been working a lot on Smart Dummies things. I'm hoping to get a Smart Dummies booklet done soon. Have to do a lot of the planning for the event left to do.


Ongoing - Find more people to interview and to post on Instagram. 
June 15th - Have the print booklets for Smart Dummies up for presale. (PDF will be free to download).
June 30th - Have a complete dummy done (or at least pencil depending on eyesight and other factors)! 

Next Interview:

Jen Robinson - June 8th 

*More interviews on their way*

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