Wednesday, June 27, 2018

What Progress? Don't Forget the Logo Contest and Giveaways!

There is a Logo Design Contest going on until July 6th! Also you have 5 days left to enter my Portfolio Webpage Critique giveaway. The details for the giveaway are here: and there is a link to the logo contest as well in this post! 

What I'm Creating:

I have the Smart Dummies planner in a good place right now. All the pages are there. I need to add some things and adjust what I have. The planners will be available for download at the end of July!

Things are going to be off until the end of the school year. I'm hoping to finish the planner this week, but things happen. We'll see if I can get it done!

Ongoing - Find more people to interview and to post on Instagram. 
June 30th - Finish up the Smart Dummies planner (at least enough for a pre-sale on printed copies).
July 15th - Drafts for Dummy (Hoping to finish this sooner).

Next Interview:

TBD - I'm a bit busy with the end of the school year. It's not going to be over until July 13th (summer school), but I'm still looking for more people to interview. I have several interviews sent out into the world, and hope to have a lot more soon. Unfortunately this Friday will have no interviews. 

Share your progress here! Don't know what to do? 

What Progress? is created by Dani Duck. It is a Wednesday event for you to share your progress!

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