Monday, June 18, 2018

Monday Coffee - I Knew There Was Something I Forgot

I completely forgot about Monday Coffee today! Nothing in particular happened last night, but there was craziness. I was on my phone looking through social media and then realize OMG I FORGOT TO POST! I'm not sure if the last link-up was set correctly (dates were wrong when I logged on), so I've made sure that people can add their links this time!

Anyway just wanted to know your feelings on something. I've had a lot of people ask me for advice lately. Eventually I'm going to start charging for this advice, but why charge when I can give it out for free?

If I started doing portfolio website critiques would you be interested? I've done several so far, but would love to do more. Every other week I'd be giving them away. If you don't have a website/portfolio I can give you suggestions on how to start one. If you are a writer I can give you feedback on your website as well (let's not leave anyone out here).

I have had over 18 years of experience as an artist. I have a BFA in Fine Arts and an Associates in Graphic Communications. I have experience in both digital and traditional media.

Edit: Don't forget about the logo contest:

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