Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Wildly Hilarious Tara Lazar and a Prize!

Tara Lazar is nothing short of amazing. She has a wonderful blog "Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)" which is a wonderful read for anyone in Children's Literature. As the name suggests it's a fantastic resource for parents who are writing. 

Every November Tara hosts Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo). In this event the idea is to get 30 picture book ideas in one month. The ideas that are formed here become a wonderful resource throughout the year. Tara's event is one of biggest inspirations for Smart Dummies, so I am so happy she could donate her time for this event!

Tara's new book: "I Thought This was a Bear Book" illustrated by Benji Davies is out now. "Little Red Gliding Hood" illustrated by Troy Cummings is available for pre-order.

Today Tara is going to share with us some tips for reading a book aloud to kids. WARNING: This video is hilarious! You should read (or "read" if wordless) your book aloud to see how the story flows. This is one of the most basic things that should be done when creating a book, but many people (or at least I do) forget this very basic part of picture book creation! I will note, that I have no idea what Tara is talking about. Her hair looks great in this video.

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I Thought This Was A Bear Book
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One lucky winner of Smart Dummies will win a copy of "How to Promote Your Children's Book" ebook by Katie Davis! You must also comment on this post to win. 

Katie Davis is the host of the wonderful "Brain Burps" podcast. On this podcast Katie Davis talks about the craft and business of publishing. She interviews all the best people in the kidlit world. This podcast is great for Writers and Illustrators.

Kate also has some great programs and services for those in the kidlit business including "How to Create Your Author Platform", "Get Your First 1000 Followers" and "Video Idiot Boot Camp". You can find out more about these here:

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  1. Haha thanks for the great video Tara! My mom always read to me in voices and with lots of enthusiasm like you, perhaps that's what helped made me love books already as a yougin :)

  2. Tara make some of the best videos, doesn't she? And her tips are always wonderful, too!

  3. Very cute video with helpful hints for writer/illustrators and someone who's going to be a first-time aunt in November. :-)

  4. great post -love the tip on being careful what you ask when your audience is under 5. Who knew?

    1. The first time I encountered preschool students was hilarious. One kid rambled on incoherently and then mumbled...I love my mommy...and my daddy. Then the next five kids said the same exact thing: I love my mommy....I love my daddy... I learned not to ask them too many open-ended questions. And I learned not to take questions, because they give you statements instead. ABOUT EVERYTHING.

  5. Thank you for the tips. They're hilarious. The best, and I think the most overlooked, that you mentioned, is the way you should ask questions to kids about the book if you do not want to cause chaos. Kids always want to volunteer very personal opinions from their own world, LOL. Thanks again.

  6. Thank you for the tips and the laugh!!

  7. Great video and wonderful tips. You are always so funny. ;)

  8. Thanks for all the tips and you help me laugh!

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  10. Now, THIS I can do, and finish! Will there be a PiBoldMo this november? Please say there will be!

  11. Very inspiring!
    I love challenges and love the idea of PiBoldMo!