Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Are Your Dreams Worth it?

I was at the local McDonalds today chatting with my friend and letting the kid's play. Just as we are about to leave the words "I'm worth it." start blaring on the radio. Something about me and this song don't mix and I happily leave the restaurant without hearing the end.

Even though it's a song I like the words keep repeating in my head. I've been meaning to write a blog post anyway, and I know that the subject of worth often comes up when working in a creative field. I can tell you, without a doubt, you are worth it. I don't even have to know who you are to say this. I could not, however, tell you if your dreams are worth pursuing.

In general I could say that dreams are worth pursuing. When you get more specific by saying: "Is _____ worth it to _____, then the answer is much less clear. For the purposes of this blog I feel as though the question is "Is it worth it to become a Children's Writer or Illustrator." The answer to this is an undeniable yes and no.

Let's be specific by answering some questions Would the journey be worth it if:

I never get a book published?
It makes me hate my work?
I never become famous?
It means my house is a mess?
I never get any work?
It affects my health?
I become estranged from my family?
Someone else raises my kids?
It makes me feel bad about myself?
No one likes my work?

Think of the worst thing that could happen. Could you live with this?

The list could go on forever. There is no right or wrong answers, only what is right for you. Think now and see if you could be happy if some or most of these were true.

It takes a special kind of person to be a writer or illustrator. Take moment look at all these scary possible outcomes and tell yourself (out loud) it's worth it to follow the dreams you love.  You are worth it.


  1. Yes, dreams are always important. Keep working, keep dreaming. You are worth it.

  2. I think about these negative outcomes all the time. My fiancé who is in grad school for chemical engineering thinks about what ifs constantly. We both would be getting neck deep with our careers and have a chance of failing. We both still think it's worth it. Losing a dream means that you lose apart of yourself.