Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ann Marie Meyers

Ann Marie Meyers is fairly new to the blogging world and is definitely someone to follow. Her website is: Ann Marie is already off to a good start by having an interesting and inspirational writing style.  Her interview of Lehua Parker is really neat as is Amie Borst's interview of Ann on her blog:

Ann Marie's book sounds just delicious. It's about a little girl who always wanted to fly, and gets her wish. I have a mushy part of my heart that loves a good flying story. Yes, there are tons of stories out there about kids flying, but this one beats out many of them with an excellent writer and a lot of heart. Just by reading the synopsis I can tell that this book deals with a lot more than many other books in this genre, and (presumably) has a lot more depth. I wont tell you any more about it here. Go to Ann's blog, read the synopsis and anxiously await the release of her book in July of  2013.

One thing not to go unmentioned about Ann Marie is her Facebook page:  On this page she will keep you updated on any blog post that she has written. She also gives many links to other authors/information that's worth learning about. She also has many interesting posts here on various other things (too many to list). Ann's twitter is also very active, and I love how polite she is to other twitter users!

Please check out Ann Marie! And Ann, if you are listening, please keep up blogging! I'm sure your blog will be off and running soon which will bring you tons of new readers. Good luck!

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  1. Sounds like a fun idea for a story! I can remember thinking I could fly if I had enough balloons and jumped off a picnic table with them...