Smart Dummies Pre-Event Sign Up!

Sign-up for the full event will start August 15th. You can see more info here for Smart Dummies 2018:

Jump Start your Dummy for Smart Dummies!

August will start a new event called Pre-Smart Dummies! This event will get you prepared to finish your dummy in September. There are no prizes for this pre-event, but this will take the pressure off finishing your dummy in September alone. Be sure to sign up to get blog posts by email so you don't miss anything!

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What if I miss day 1?

The pre-event is created for you to help get all the preliminary work out of the way before Smart Dummies starts in September. If you miss August 1st, still sign up and do your best to catch up. If you can't sign up (sign up will close August 15th) still go through and read the posts as you work through the booklet (see below). Also sign up to follow my blog so you'll be reminded when Smart Dummies starts this year, and you won't miss the pre-event next year!

What will be done in the Pre-Event?

We will be working on Researching, Character Design, Thumbnails and everything in-between!

How will the event be run?

You will be able to download the Smart Dummies planner/workbook soon. There will be a post every week giving an overview of the week, and each new project will have it's own post.

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Where can I get a booklet:

You can get the printable .PDF here:

To buy a printed version  Buy this to help out Smart Dummies! This will be spiral bound with a plastic cover and include a note and small sketch from me.

Why Sign Up?

Signing up helps me get an idea of how many people will attend the full event in September. It also helps to know if the pre-event is useful. Please sign up so I know if you joined the pre-event!

Pre-event sign up will be taken down around August 15th. Thank you for signing up!

Just comment below to sign up! 


  1. Love the new logo and looking forward to another wonderful event! Thank you so much for all you do to put this together!!!

  2. I'm not clear on where/how to sign up for the pre-event. Just comment here, or is there some other way?

    1. I'm so sorry about that Sarah! Yes, just comment here. I think I put everything but what to do in the post! Fixed that now too!

  3. Pre-event is a great idea Dani. Looking forward to getting started.

  4. I am looking forward to the pre-event and another fabulous year of Smart Dummies. Thank you Dani! :)

  5. Book has been ordered! Count me in for pre-event.

  6. Loving the idea of a pre-event. Thanks for making the extra effort.

  7. Thanks for putting this together! What a great idea.

  8. Can't wait to get started. This event really helps me put my own work first just long enough to get something done. Thanks.

  9. Hi Dani, Late but will try to catch up.

  10. I'm in -- I didn't realize this started -- love the full schedule and guidelines!!! Thanks for the PDF. with dates for accountability. :-)