Monday, March 26, 2018

Monday Coffee

Sometimes I take on more than I can handle. I always take on more than I'll likely get done. I'll have a lofty goal and though I think I'll not make it I'll be able to pull through like I did for the #kidlitart28 and the #30paintingsin30days combo. 

The problem is finding the difference between a lofty goal, and a terrible side project that can derail everything. One such project is being part of a group reading "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. I bring this up because I have it sitting on top of my computer untouched since I borrowed it from the library. Don't get me wrong: "The Artist's Way" is a great book. I just couldn't keep up with any part of the group. I couldn't read the chapters, do any of the projects or participate in discussion. At the time I was working on some illustrations that I was trying to finish. 

What made this a terrible side project for me? Well right now my focus is on developing my illustration portfolio. I could make time to read, do projects and participate in discussion, but it would be about all I could do this month. So I reluctantly decided to sit out this group. I made a lot of progress on my portfolio and I'm happy with that. This wouldn't have happened if I stayed with the reading group. Would I have learned a lot from the group? Absolutely, but it would have been terrible for my illustration portfolio. I will have to re-read the book later when I can focus on the book. Sorry Julia Cameron. I'll have to catch up with you later!

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