Sunday, October 1, 2017

One Last PRIZE from the Fairy Queen Becky Fyfe!

You have the whole day today to finish up your dummy! Make smart decisions, and clean up those messy lines. Honor system for this year, so be sure to sign the oath tomorrow!

One last prize today:

@%@%@%@%@% PRIZE

One lucky winner will win Story Cubes from Becky Fyfe! 

To win this prize comment on this post to thank Becky for her prize!

Becky Fife is the wonderful founder of the Chapter Book Challenge a challenge in March to help writers to write a Chapter Book in one month. This is a 30 day challenge in March and has a Jr. event that runs at the same time. Becky also is the editor/writer for Melusine Muse Press which creates anthologies such as the Teapot Tales and SuperHERo Tales


Here is a list of the posts with prizes. The guest's name -- prize. The prizes are from the guest unless otherwise noted. Please be sure to comment on posts that don't have prizes as well. This helps guests feel welcome and makes it easier for me to get great posts for next year's event!

1. Mira Reisberg -- A free Photoshop course and a separate prize of a Hero's Art Journey course

2. Mark Mitchell --1 Year Subscription to Guest Group Critiques

3. Susan Eaddy -- "My Love for you is the Sun", by Julie Hedlund and illustrated by Susan Eaddy and "Poppy’s Best Paper", written by Susan Eaddy and illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet

4. Leila Nabih -- An Adaptation of "Little Red Riding Hood"

5. Jennifer Thermes -- "Charles Darwin Around the World" book

6. Teresa Robeson -- Scripta Note Book (Ruled and Blank Pages) and Fiber Castell Pitt Artist Pen

7. Emmeline Forestal -- Portfolio Review

8. Ben Clanton -- blank book from and copy of Narwhal 

9. Yvonne Mes -- Picture Book Critique

10. Don Tate -- A copy of "Out" by (and donated by) Aree Chung

11. Jennifer Adams -- Books "My Little Cities London" and "My Little Cities NY"

12. Chieu Ahn Urban -- two copies of "Color Wonder Hooray for Spring!"

13. Elizabeth Rose Stanton -- copies of Henny and Peddles, one each, signed (and will throw in a copy of Bub,too, if the winner is willing to wait until January).

14. Shawna Tenney --A copy of "Brunhilda's Backwards Day"

15.  Traci Van Wagoner -- A copy of The Inventing Tubes by (and donated by) Bryony Supper

16. Juana Martinez-Neal -- A copy of "La Princesa and the Pea"

17. Evelyn B. Christensen -- Any of Evelyn's  Books from the Teachers Pay Teachers Resource Site

18. Katie Davis -- "Race Car Dreams" by (and donated by) Sharon Chriscoe and swag

19. Sophia from Rate Your Story -- A Free Speed Pass (1 Time Submission)

20. Becky Fyfe -- Just scroll up to the top of this post to learn more!


  1. I must be a glutton for punishment because I have just signed up for the ChaBooCha Jr challenge! And if I thought Dani's Dummy Book challenge was a work out, participating in your chapter book challenge will be doubly so. But I am so excited about it and can't wait for the fun to begin! ... I've also ordered a copy of your book, Teapot Tales and look forward to reading it... Thanks for participating in Dani's Dummy Book Challenge!

    1. Phyllis - Thanks for joining ChaBooCha! The next Chapter Book Challenge starts March 1st.

      Thanks, Dani, for a great challenge this past month!

  2. Hey, I never heard of ChaBooCha before but I love challenges, so motivating! Passing the info on to my two writing groups. I know several of us will hop on board. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Wow!!! I had never heard of story cubes before- what a FANTASTIC idea!!!
    Thank you for opening up some cool possibilities!

  4. Thank you for the opportunity to win Story Cubes, Becky! It looks delightful. There are so many wonderful prizes on the list. What a month of inspiration!

  5. This has been a wonderful month, and so productive. I have never attempted to write a chapter book, but I am interested in looking into the Chapter Book Challenge. It sounds fun! Thank you for the opportunity to win Story Cubes Becky.

  6. Thank you for the prize! I don't think I'm a chapter book writer but if I ever do come up with an idea the Chapter Book Challenge sounds like a good way to get the story written.

  7. Thanks for contributing the great prize.

  8. Thanks for a challenge I have been edging toward for so long. I needed this enthusiasm to nudge me over!