Sunday, April 28, 2013

Preparing for SCBWI

Last week I sent in my cheque for the SCBWI Canada West conference. I'm late signing up, but it's okay because there are still openings! Last year I had a great time. There were only a handful of Illustrators at the conference last year, so I'm hoping there are more this time around.

Last conference I signed up for a portfolio review. I could have done the same this year, but I think I'm doing pretty good for where I need to be. I'm working on three new pieces now to add to my portfolio, and they should be finished shortly. Instead of having a portfolio review I've decided to set up a table for my portfolio.

Having a table (noting that while there is room there may not be any tables left) almost makes this year more intimidating than last year. Okay, maybe not, but I have a lot more work to do before I go to this conference. Mainly it's just getting things printed. I still haven't done prints of my entire portfolio (though I did get some images scanned), and I still have other things left to do.

I did get done my business cards and my little chapbooks. These books are a collection of 11 poems that I wrote here. They've technically already been published, so I might as well get as much use out of them as possible. I was thinking post cards, but I might hold off on those for now and print bookmarks instead. I do have some paper dolls I could print as well (depending on the quality of the prints) just as a little fun thing for my table.

I also have pictures of my business cards and chapbook. The camera in my phone warped them slightly. A note on the business cards: The side with my information had my phone number. I don't like giving my number out directly on the net, so I rubbed it out. Not sure where the flowers came from, but oh well!

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  1. Happy your back, and in such fine form. Ready for SCBWI too!