What Progress?

What progress is a weekly blog post where you, the blogger, post your progress on whatever you're working on. Don't have any progress? You can post that too. This event is designed for creatives to help them get things done, but you don't have to identify as a creative to join this link up!

What to post? 

I start each post with a quick summary of the week. You can post a paragraph of anything you want, but keep it short so you can get to the good stuff. There are only two categories you have to fill in for this: "What I'm Creating" and "Schedule"

Sample post:
I'm tired and I want coffee. How about you? Let's see what I can get done this week. 

What I'm Creating

I have a dummy I'm trying to finish. Two in fact. I think I'm going to die from dummy overload!


April 28th - Finish character sketches for dummies.
April 30th - Try to schedule 10 blog posts so that doesn't get in the way.
May 5th - Have drafts for my dummy"finished".
May 19th - Redraw all the drafts and make everything look pretty.
May 30th - Have all the drawings scanned into computer and work on 2 final illustrations for each dummy.

Here is the official "What Progress?" sticker. There will be more in the future so you have a selection! Please post the sticker and the following text onto each of your posts. Don't forget to add your website to the linky list so people can find you!

What Progress? is created by Dani Duck. It is a weekly event 
on Wednesdays for you to share your progress!

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