Smart Dummies 2017 Registration!

Registration for Smart Dummies IS OPEN! 

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To Sign Up for Smart Dummies just leave ONE comment below. I need some way of identifying who you are and how to contact you. If you sign up and use your Facebook name, then you do not have to leave your website. Please do not leave your email. It may result in spam!

Also plug your email in to the right bar where it says "Follow by Email". I will be using this list of names to choose the prize winners. Most of the prizes will be given to those that complete the challenge, but there will be some prizes for everyone. Sign up starts now and runs until September 8th. There is a list of guests at the bottom of this page!

To Win Smart Dummies
You are already a winner if you are challenging yourself to finish a dummy in one month! To officially win this competition you have to complete a basic dummy (No finals) in pencil. A full dummy is generally 12-14.5 spreads (or 24-29 pages) and a cover (1-2 pages). If you can complete 25 pages in a month, you have completed the challenge. You do not need to join the Facebook Group to participate and win. You can find a critique group, friends in the industry and lots of support in the Smart Dummies Facebook group.

Smart Dummies Facebook Group:


You do NOT have to identify as an Illustrator to enter this competition. Having said that: this is a competition that will require you to be artistic. The idea is to come up with a submission ready dummy. I will do my best to give some ideas for illustration styles to help you start your path as an Illustrator.

Note: In order to win prizes I need you to include a website (or other way to get ahold of you when you register! I need a way to contact you if you win a prize.

Smart Dummies Guests

Dr. Mira Reisberg

Traci Van Wagoner

Patricia Pinsk

Mark Mitchell

Jennifer Adams

Evelyn  B. Christensen

Teresa Robeson

Becky Fyfe

Leila Nabih

Merrill Rainey

Jennifer Thermes

Susanna Hill

Margriet Ruurs

Betsy Bird (Also does Fuse 8)

Roberta Biard

Catherine Bailey

Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Chieu Ahn Urban

Don Tate

Ben Clanton 

Emmeline Forestal

Katie Davis

Yvonne Mes

Sophia from Rate Your Story

Shearry Malone

Tory Novikova

Vincent X. Kirsch

Shawna Tenney

Bob McMahon

Susan Eaddy

Juana Martinez-Neal


Arree Chung - A copy of "Out" by Aree Chung

Mira Reisberg - A free Photoshop course and a separate prize of a Hero's Art Journey course

Sharon Chriscoe - An Autographed Copy of "Race Car Dreams" and Swag

Bryony Supper - Book

Mark Mitchell -  1 Year Subscription to Guest Group Critiques

Teresa Robeson - Scripta Note Book  (Ruled and Blank Pages) and Fiber Castell Pitt Artist Pen

Becky Fyfe A Copy of "Teapot Tales"

Emmeline Forestal - Portfolio Review

Elizabeth Rose Stanton - copies of Henny and Peddles, one each, signed (and will throw in a copy of Bub,too, if the winner is willing to wait until January).

Jennifer Adams - Books "My Little Cities London" and "My Little Cities NY"

Ben Clanton  - blank book from and copy of Narwhal

Yvonne Mes - Picture Book Critique

Sophia from Rate Your Story - A Free Speed Pass (1 Time Submission)

Chieu Ahn Urban - A Couple of Signed Books

Jennifer Thermes - "Charles Darwin Around the World" book

Leila Nabih An Adaptation of "Little Red Riding Hood"

Susan Eaddy "My Love for you is the Sun", by Julie Hedlund and illustrated by Susan Eaddy and "Poppy’s Best Paper", written by Susan Eaddy and illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet

There may be a few more to come. I will be posting badges in the next couple of days!


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  3. Enjoyed last year's challenge immensely. Am looking forward to another great year!

  4. I suppose I should sign up, too, just to publicly declare that I'll be attempting a dummy. :D Thanks, Dani!

  5. So excited for this to start up again! I just hope my sprained wrist heals soon. I am in!

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    I'm so excited about this. This is my third year. Yeah!
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    I'll see if I can link to Smart Dummy articles this year in my own blog version of the articles.

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  13. You do not have to put your email here. If you have already done so feel free to delete and post again! Putting your email here can lead to spam. If you are in the Facebook group I'll be able to get ahold of you on Facebook.

  14. I'm ready! Thanks for doing this!

  15. Sign me up! Jena Benton here (and on the Facebook group too). You can find me at my website

  16. Yovana Pena... enjoyed it last year from Austin now attempting this year again from Abu Dhabi!

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