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Announcing the Logo Design Contest for Smart Dummies!

This year I decided to have a logo design contest for Smart Dummies. Your logo will be used for the Blog Badge, Facebook, the Smart Dummies website, in the Smart Dummies shop* and any other social media where Smart Dummies is advertised. Please feel free to ask questions about this event here, or on the Smart Dummies Facebook Page in case someone else has the same question. You can contact me privately if you have concerns you'd rather not share with the group.

I have about $35 USD saved up to give as a prize for the winner. I wanted to have much more for this contest. There is still a chance to increase this amount! Visit the Smart Dummies Patreon and donate to Smart Dummies. I would love to give at least $50 as a prize. https://www.patreon.com/SmartDummies The final prize amount will depend on how much is donated between now and the end of the contest.

What does a Smart Dummies Logo Look Like?

There is no image that defines Smart Dummies. In the past all of the logos have featured birds. I will have volunteers help me judge this contest, so you do not

Submit a design that will work both as a Facebook Banner and a Small logo. You can either submit one piece of artwork, (or two of the same image but formatted for Facebook and Blog badge size). Please leave enough room for text. Do not sign the artwork you submit for judging. A signature can be on the final image and credit will be given to the winner.

Blog Badge size 1.5" x 1.5"
Facebook Size: 851 x 315 pixels.

Design Size: All final images you create must be at least 4" in height and 300 DPI (so I can resize it for different purposes).

How to Enter:

One entry per person.** Submit your design (or designs if you are submitting 2 of the same image). Total attachment size should not exceed 1 MB. You should keep a larger file of the image(s) ready to send. No text should appear on the image nor should your signature.
Smart Dummies Logo 2017

Send all images toSmartDummies@hotmail.com with the Subject: "Smart Dummies Logo Contest"

Please include your name and contact information in the body of the email (not on the image). This information will only be used to contact you in case of a win, or if other confirmations need to be made before the deadline. If you do not receive an automatic email confirmation within 24 hours please contact me through my contact form or via Facebook to confirm. 

**Anyone donating more than $5 to Smart Dummies can enter twice for this and all other contests.


Midnight PST June 27, 2018

Facebook Header

*Money from this will go to the Smart Dummies challenge.


The winner of Smart Dummies logo contest gives Dani Duck, Smart Dummies and participants of Smart Dummies the rights to use the winning logo on Social Media for advertising. The winner also gives the rights for the 2018 logo to be used on Dani Duck: Artist Obscure, on participant web pages and blogs, for the cover of the Smart Dummies planner and on merchandise in the Smart Dummies shop. 50% of all Smart Dummies shop profits of anything with the winner's logo* and 15% of Planner profits, with the 2018 logo printed on it, will go to the winner.

The winner retains all other rights to their work including publication in any form. Smart Dummies will not be selling prints of the logo, and the winner has the rights to sell both prints of their illustration and the original without any payments to Smart Dummies.

All commission payments to the winner will be made quarterly through Paypal.

*Please note that there have been no sales in the Smart Dummies shop to date.


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    1. Thank you so much Lynette! <3 You rock.

  2. Dani I have a few questions, one might be kind of weird and I could just be over thinking.

    For the resizing of the logo, do I have to make an image that includes resizing the main part of that image or can I choose a small portion of the image for the logo? I think I'm just looking at the previous logo which includes a large part of the composition and I'm confusing myself.

    Second question, may I donate without becoming a patron? I was trying to donate to the contest but then I noticed a little "per month" next to the dollar amount and didn't know how to just submit a one time donation. :x I don't really know how patron works though so I could just be missing something. Thanks!