Wednesday, November 14, 2018

What Progress? Changes are coming!

I was pretty sad when I realized that I can't participate in #folktaleweek2018. I've had major burn out this week and I have some family issues come up. I could have participated, but I wouldn't have any quality work to show. I have gotten some good ideas from the prompts, and will work on some portfolio pieces from these.

EDIT: Please take 2 minutes to fill out this Smart Dummies Survey!

What I'm Creating:

I've been doing some sketching but no completed pieces. I hope to get some finished work soon.

I have plans for my blog! I want to find time to blog more so I need to make some changing. The linky list is not working, or doesn't work for everyone, so anyone who wants to post their blog links to their "What Progress" post then just post in the comments below!

I've decided to cut Monday Coffee, because I usually don't get enough time Monday to drink my coffee and write a post. I'm changing it to Monday Prompts. This will be one or two prompts that can be used for writers and artists (or at least one for each).

I'm also cutting interviews for now. I'm not against doing them, but the act of finding people to interview is more than I can do right now. I'm considering doing some picture book reviews instead, because they will take less time.

I'm also considering a writing challenge for. Is anyone interested? I'd love to spend more time writing and I think this would be a good time to write! Let me know your thoughts!

If you created a process post this week then please post your link below!

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