Friday, November 10, 2017

Today in the Life of Me

Today I'm scanning in a bunch of images. I've recently started an Instagram account -- or rather I've finally started posting to my Instagram account. You can visit it here: I have a giveaway there. Just need to look for the penguin and seal photo. This is the direct link to the givaway, but it seems to not be working for some people:

I recently did a ton of images for VCON. It's a Fantasy/Sci Fi convention.  Has wonderful information for writers as well as tons of cool things for fans. I highly recommend it for anyone in the Surrey, BC area.

Okay, back to the images. I was working on a ton of them for VCON. My goal was 30, but I knew I wasn't going to make it there. I did really well with all my drawings. I think I had maybe 25 of all different sizes. I only had so much time so that number came down to 20 and then 18.

I hit a huge snag. The watercolor paper I bought wasn't up to snuff, so many of the images ended up ruined. I was very upset. I kept going and worked on some of the lighter images (it was the dark images that were creating a fuss. In the end I only ended up with 12 new images to show and only 5 of them for the 11x14 frames I created. It was nice to display at the show, but sad that most of my images didn't make the trip.

Now: I've scanned all of the images. I had to also reformat them to make sure I can display the images on Instagram correctly. They will all be for sale soon!

I'm not sure how many of my new images will go into my portfolio. I like them all, but mostly just have one character in them all (which really doesn't show off my skills. I will either pick a couple from the series, or put them all in one picture in my portfolio (because series are always good). It's not about the art being good or bad, but the fact that I want more images with people interacting with one another.

I also have a ton of images that I didn't finish for the show that I want to finish. I will be getting the paper for these soon and working on painting them. It is awful that I wasn't able to finish some of my best images, but it's good that I have everything drawn up. That way I can quickly transfer the image onto the paper (I generally use my light table) and go from there. I have a lot of other things I want to share with you guys, but I have said too much for now!

How has your art been going? Have you had any problems in creating your artwork lately? 

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  1. Hi Dani, I love your new website - Are you using it or Blogger for Smart Dummies next year?