Wednesday, November 2, 2016

This Page Was Intentionally Left Blank

While I'm waiting for people to comment and sign the Smart Dummies Oath I should be making lots of posts about the steps you need to make to get your dummy from a dummy into the hands of an agent or editor. This hasn't been a great year so my mental acuity isn't what it once was (In other words I have nothing prepared yet).

Before you start sending out your dummy to agents and editors you should first have 2-3 spreads (4-6 images) completed. This is very important because it shows what your final work is like. You don't want to finish all of the pictures, because agents and editors want you to be flexible and there may be changes to your dummy before the final product.

Last year I did a post about laying out your final images. I feel as though I'd just be rehashing what I already wrote (and not adding anything to it). Here is the post I did last year explaining the final image. If you have questiosn ask below and I'll reply or I can answer them in a post!

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