Monday, November 28, 2016

Help Wanted for Smart Dummies 2017

I'm writing today to say that I will not be able to do Smart Dummies in 2017 alone. This event takes too much time and I don't want to decide between the event and an illustration job (which always seem to come along about the same time as Smart Dummies). If you are willing to help please let me know.

I will be starting a separate Facebook group for anyone helping me to plan next year's event. I need people willing to ask their friends to join the event, people with ideas for the new event and those willing to help me get the word out about Smart Dummies. The big thing is that need 1-2 people to help me send out emails, field questions and find people to join the event.

 I will not be able to run the event next year if I can't find people to help me out. I do hope that there are a few of you out there who can help donate your time. Thank you all so much for everything! I love everything we've accomplished thus far!


  1. I would be more than happy to help, Dani. This event has changed my life, so I want to do the most I can to see it back.

  2. Hi Dani, Looks like you didn't get my comment from yesterday. As a journalist, writer and copywriter, I'm happy throw in my skills if they help with your plans.

    1. I'd love as much help as anyone is willing to give. Unfortunately I don't know who you are! if you are a kidlit person -- just let me know who you are on Facebook so I can add you to the group!