Monday, October 31, 2016

The Wrap Up Post

So this is the wrap up post for the event. Nothing fancy here -- just a post to let you know what's happening the next few days.

You do not need to turn in your Dummy to me. Tomorrow there will be a Smart Dummies Oath that you will need to comment on if you completed your dummy. This gives you the eligibility to win some big prizes. There are also prizes available to everyone who entered the event this month.

There are a lot of people who worked hard to write their posts. It's very important that you make everyone feel like their post is important. Please comment on the posts so that the guests can feel your love!

BTW: I have not forgotten about the Amazon gift card prize. I will be announcing that in November as well!

Here is the list of prizes. You MUST comment on the prize posts to win that prize! The link to each post is under the prize. You have a few days to comment if you missed out.

Photoshop or Hero's Art Journey course (your choice) - Mira Reisberg 

Make your Marks & Splashes course. Mark G Mitchell

A one-year subscription to Guest Group Critiques - Mark G Mitchell

A Full Dummy Critique - Traci Van Wagoner

A review copy of "Toby"Hazel Mitchell

Torn tissue illustration - Toni Yuly

"Get the Wiggles Out" and "Let's Cooperate" books and a signed A4 print. - Tom Heard 

"Ring Around the Rosie", and an original Buddha painting on paper Gina Perry


  1. Thank you so much Dani Duck for all your hard work to make Smart Dummies possible. Although I haven't completed my picture book dummy, I've learned heaps. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you, Dani, for putting all of this together and really work hard for all of us. This is greatly appreciated. This is such a great resource for someone like me who is just starting and does not know where to start. :)

  3. Thanks, Dani, for putting on this event! There was too much life interference for me to get my dummy done, but I do feel smarter now, thanks to you and all of your contributors. Happy Halloween! :)

  4. Thank you SO MUCH Dani for bringing this together! I learned so much this month!
    Great guests, great ideas shared, just fantastic!

  5. This has been awesome! I am going to go back through the posts and read the ones I missed and comment. I worked hard on my dummy book all month, but unfortunately I wasn't able to quite finish mine. But at least this helped get me really to work hard on it and get it close to getting finished. Thanks for your hard work!

  6. Thanks Dani, It's nice to know we are not alone as we work at home. Have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.

  7. Dani, you did a great job. Each artist and writer had a unique post that focused on one or two issues. You did your research, Thank you!

  8. This has been fantastic! I was planning to work on a dummy, and then I found this group. It was exactly the push I needed to get one done. And I plan to do a few fore in the next few months. Thank you Dani for everything, and all your hard work. it is very much appreciated!

  9. thanks so much for all your work to putting this together! Somehow, I missed the blog aspect of things so I'm just going through now and reading the posts.
    How long do we have to make comments before you be choosing people for the prizes?

  10. Thanks so much for all your work, Dani!