Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What's Up Wednesday!

David, my wonderful 3 year old decided to add his own touch to one of my WIP. It was one of three illustrations, and I was out of the paper that I created the other two with, so I decided to start from scratch. It's not all for nothing. One of the illustrations was completed several months ago, and it makes more sense to do them altogether now with my current skill and technique rather than trying to make the later paintings look like the first. 

What I'm Reading
Old issues of the SCBWI bulletin!

What I'm Writing/Drawing 

I'm not working as hard on my web comic as I should. Maybe it's becoming too real? Ha ha! It's just me trying to do everything at once. Fixing up my portfolio while attempting to get my web comic up and running.

Saturday is my regions next illustrator's meeting. I'm happy and for the first time in months I'll have no toddler with me! I may also do a presentation on Twitter Marketing, but not sure yet. I will have something prepared either way!

Every Day Possible
- Working on my Web Comic.

Wed 02/12

- Post What's Up Wednesday Post - DONE

Thursday 02/13

- Toddler play date and some other craziness.

Friday 02/14

- Artwork, artwork, artwork.
- A romantic dinner?
-  Interview Day!

Saturday 02/15

- More artwork getting done!!!

Sunday 02/16

- Moar interview questions!

Monday 02/17

- Brushing my hair.

Tuesday 02/18

- Blog reviewing!

- Toddler dance class!

Wednesday 02/19

- What's Up Wednesday! Post

What Inspires Me Right Now

Networking with friends.

What Else I've Been Up To

Baby Minding 
He ate 5 drumbsticks tonight at dinner. 5 and he's 3 years old. Gah!

I have three books coming in the mail soon!

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  1. Enjoy your baby-free Saturday, Dani! You sound busy--good luck with everything! = )

  2. I hope all goes well with Saturday's meeting, Dani. I'm sure you'll have a great time. May your week be filled with pictures and accomplishments. :)