Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chris Barton's Bartography

Chris Barton is actually an author I discovered on Twitter recently. I was scouring #kidlitart on Twitter to look for an illustrator's blog to review. I didn't find an illustrator, but I am not disappointed in who I found. Chris is the author of three books: "Can I See Your I.D.?", "Shark Vs. Train" and "The Day-Glo Brothers". He also blogs several times a month on his blog "Bartography". You can read his blog here: http://chrisbarton.info/blog/index.php

The thing that first caught my eye on Chris Barton's blog was his newsletter in this post: http://chrisbarton.info/blog/2014/02/february-edition-of-bartography-express-nikki-loftin-giveaway-more-jo3bot-art.html Often when you sign up to receive updates from a blog you get an RSS feed or something similar. These newsletters are nicely laid out and fun to read. In this newsletter is a mini-interview, an introduction to Joey Spiotto's artwork, several links to topics of interest to people in the book industry and he answers a question about his writing from students in a second-grade class.

Chris's blog contains interviews, excerpts from his books, giveaways and much more. My favorite part of his blog is his "Interview Across a Breakfast Table" series. In these interviews Jennifer Ziegler interviews Chris about his life as an author. In this series he talks about everything from everyday life to specific questions that many writer's ask. This series is a must read for all aspiring authors. 

Chris Barton is definitely an author to follow.  Bartography has a lot of great information for writer's and book enthusiasts alike. I had a lot of fun discovering his blog and I know you will too. Check out his blog and tell me what you think!

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  1. Outstanding find. Thank you for sharing Dani Duck.