Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Out With The Old...

I've re-done a couple of my old digital paintings in watercolour. It's a dramatic difference seeing them side by side. I think the watercolours have more character. What do you think?

Old Lady Bug

New Lady Bug

Old Turtle

New Turtle


  1. Great work Dani. Yes the water colors have character and would look better hung on a wall. Digital is fine for illustration but it doesnt tell the whole story ;0) xxx gra

  2. I'm a water-color fan. Digital coloring is fine for comic books. In my PB, the illustrator used a mix- some background in digital and figures in water colors. My favorite is the cover, which is the only image where she used only water color.
    Looking at the images you posted here^ reinforced my feelings.

  3. I love the water-colour more. It looks more "alive", if that makes sense.

    Also, I've awarded you TWO blog awards. :-) You can collect them here:

  4. Oooh thanks so much Katrina! Following your blog now because it's awesome! Checking out the other blog links you have there, too.